Sean Kouplen With Clay

Sean Kouplen,

Chairman and CEO of Regent Bank and former Oklahoma Secretary of Commerce and Workforce Development

“Clay Staires is the right man for this position.  I’ve known Clay for years and I strongly endorse him.  One of the reasons for my confidence in Clay is that he isn’t looking for a career.  He’s been very successful in business and doesn’t need another paycheck.  I believe he is seeking this position because he wants to serve our great state.”

Eddie Fields,

former State House Representative and State Senator for Oklahoma

“Clay Staires is a man of integrity, work ethic and high morals who will work hard for the people of House District 66.  As a former educator, minister and business owner, Clay understands the issues facing District 66 and would be a great voice at the State Capitol.”

Eddie Fileds With Clay

Clay Staires Dr Layne Subera

Dr. Layne Subera, DO

“I am endorsing Clay Staires for State Representative in district 66 because Clay is best for small business and rural medicine. Clay knows how vital local healthcare access is and supports policies that will place more providers in the areas of our state where they are needed the most. Clay’s experience in business development will be a critical asset for our communities and legislature in the coming years as cost and value will play central roles in complex healthcare issues like expanding the access for the uninsured and growing the healthcare workforce.”

Glen Mulready​,

Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner

“Our Oklahoma Values of faith in God, family, freedom, and open spaces to live our lives is something that we can’t take for granted anymore. We need strong leadership at our State Capitol that can help protect our state and lead our state through the coming years of uncertainty. Clay Staires has this kind of leadership wisdom and experience. He’s been doing this for 30 years as a high school teacher and coach, a ministry leader and as a small business owner. Clay knows how to lead in the midst of a storm. We need people like Clay to help Oklahoma become a leader in education, business and economy, health care and social services – all areas where we would all love to see improvement. I’m proud to endorse Clay Staires for House District 66. He’s the right man for this job.”

Clay Staires Glen Mulberry

Rick Thomas,

Superintendent, Skiatook Schools

“As a career educator of 39 years, I realize how important it is to have State Representatives that support public school education. I have spent numerous hours with Clay visiting about public school finance, staffing issues and other current issues in education. I believe that Clay will listen to educators and make the best decision for schools. Because of that, I am endorsing Clay Staires for State Representative in district 66.”