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Why is Clay Staires the RIGHT MAN to be your representative?


My opponent is not a lifelong Republican and has not always been a Trump Supporter.  He voted in the Democratic Presidential Primary in March 2016 for Hillary or Bernie?  WHAT??

Renfrow Voting Record
Renfrow Voting Record 2

In Oklahoma, if you are registered as one party you cannot vote in the Primary for any other party.  My opponent was a registered Democrat in March 2016 so he COULD NOT HAVE VOTED FOR TRUMP!  Instead he voted for the criminal Hillary or the socialist Bernie!

Clay Staires is the ONLY CANDIDATE That Has Consistently Embraced Oklahoma Values.

Check this link to confirm my opponents voting record in 2016.

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(source: Oklahoma Election Board Voter Records)

Renfrow Voter Card
Just think about that for a second.  Just a few years ago, Gabe Renfrow, voted against President Trump and voted FOR candidates that were FOR Abortion On Demand.  Anti Guns.  Pro-Socialism.  Pro-illegal immigration.  What was he thinking??  Hmm.  I would like to know which one he voted for, but does it really matter?

Clay Staires Proudly STOOD WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP And Voted to nominate him as our President in 2016.


Clay Staires is the ONLY CANDIDATE that WILL NOT be Controlled By Dark Money Special Interest Groups (PAC’s) Outside Of Oklahoma.


Clay Staires has refused to accept any financial support from Special Interest Groups (PAC’s) OUTSIDE OF OKLAHOMA.  He knows this support will come with “Obligations” that will compete with your Oklahoma Values.


Gabe Renfrow, by his own admission, HAS 4 SPECIAL INTEREST PAC’s!!  That’s a lot of OBLIGATION when he’s supposed to be voting for your best interests.

But, how can you tell a candidate is receiving support from Special Interests Groups?

Look for who has “Authorized and Paid for” materials. If materials don’t say “Authorized and Paid for by” with the candidates name, you know it’s coming from a Special Interest Group.


Advance Oklahoma is a Special Interest PAC out of Alexandria, VA just 20 minutes from THE SWAMP, aka. Washington DC.

This is the address given on my opponents mailers for Advance Oklahoma PAC in an attempt to hide the fact that they are actually from THE SWAMP IN WASHINGTON, DC.  It’s a Pack and Ship company!

PAC Image
Advance Oklahoma Payments
Did Gabe Renfrow have to make any special promises to get a Special Interest Group near Washington DC to support him?  Hmm.  I would like to know.  I wonder what their “special interests” are?


Clay Staires is the ONLY CANDIDATE in this runoff that has ANY proven leadership/decision making experience.

Flyer Comparison Version 2 OK For Clay Copy
  • 15 years –  High School Science Teacher – During that time he was the Science Department Chair and the Head Coach of multiple sports teams.
    • Track State Championships 1999, 2000, 2001 –
    • Missouri State Track Coach of the Year 1999, 2000, 2001
  • 10 years – Clay was the CEO and Board Chairman for the non-profit ministry, Shepherd’s Fold Ranch where he founded The Furnace Discipleship Training Program
  • 10 years – Owner/CEO of The Leadership Initiative, a business consulting firm.  And nationally recognized Motivational Speaker.


Do you want an unproven, liberal-minded, bought-and-paid-for leader representing you in OKC, that recently voted for Hillary or Bernie, and that will have powerful special interest groups asking for paybacks?

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Other Considerable Differences


From Charlie Meadows, founder and former president of Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee, had this to say about Gabe Renfrow in his “Charlie’s Picks” for the 2022 HD66 Primary and the Moderator in the videos below:

“Mr. Renfrow has hired Fount Holland as his consultant, a man I believe to be the worst consultant in the state, especially when it comes to honest integrity. When I asked each candidate for the name of a paid consultant if they had one, Mr. Renfrow was very evasive with his answer. There have been big dollars spent to elect Mr. Renfrow from the same dark money group that took out 11 of the most conservative Lawmakers in 2018. That effort was known as “The Purge”. I believe you will find Fount Holland to have been involved in that effort. Don’t vote for Gabe Renfrow.”

Clay’s Consulting Team

Ascend Logo

Gabe’s Consulting Team

Camp Logo

FYI – Gabe’s Consultant Company is Campaign Advocacy Management Professionals (CAMP) whose Founder is Fount Holland.
You may want to know about CAMP

How much money did Advance Oklahoma (from Washington DC) pour into CAMP to support campaigns in Oklahoma leading up to the June 28th Primary?

Looks like $261,272.45!  WHOA!

This is where Gabe got his financing for 12 of his 17 mailers for the primary in June.

I have a question… Are special interest groups like Advance Oklahoma using CAMP as a willing partner in changing the legislative values of our state?



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What is your criteria for voting on bills

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How will you ensure that no illegal vote counts?

How will you control the federal government overreach?