In Gabes Own Words – What gun legislation would you propose to protect our students?

Gabe Renfrow, you’re next.

So you have to agree.  You have to have single points of entry.  There needs to be an armed, trained, police officer… guard, whatever you want to call it.  Closed caption television to whatever is the closest law enforcement facility and each hallway in each entry point so that you can see real time on what’s happening in each situation.  And then automatic lockdown doors that make each room a safe room.


In Gabes Own Words – Watch Gabe Renfrow answer questions about issues that are important to you! 

The following content is transcribed verbatim from the video of the Candidate Forum put on in June sponsored by the Osage County Republican Party.  It’s important to watch these video clips to give you an idea of Gabes leadership style and what is making him so confident that he’s the right candidate for the job in Oklahoma City.


In Gabes Own Words – Why should someone vote for you?

Gabe Renfrow

I love this question.  Why should we vote for you?  It’s a very hard question to answer because I’m sitting up here with probably the three hardest candidates to run against.  These gentlemen have backgrounds that I only wish I had, that I’m trying to start to do.  And this is my big step into the middle of trying to start to do, to build that resume, to be like these men that I’m sitting next to.  The only thing that I can tell you is that when I get there, I will literally work as hard as I possibly can and lean on these gentlemen, so that I can get the job done that needs to be done at the state level.  And I’m a short, sweet kind of guy.  I’m not going to talk a lot.  It’s just the way I’m built.  It’s been a huge step for me to do this and I feel privileged to stay up here and sit up here with these guys.


So, now you know Gabe Renfrow.  You’ve heard about his past experience in the marketplace and how he switched from being a Democrat to being a Republican and joined Team Trump.  You have learned about his ability to do the Heimlich Maneuver and his kindness towards his wife.  You know how friendly he is and how everyone likes him.  You have heard from his own lips as he articulated about how he thinks about the issues that are so important to you as a citizen in Oklahoma HD66.  You’ve heard about why he is running and how he looks forward to one day being a leader like his opponents – “a future he can only hope to achieve”.  You know how committed and loyal he is and, even though his wife went on to become a nurse practitioner, his loyalty to Hillcrest Healthcare Systems is what has kept him in the same position in the same company for 17 years.  You know that he is for School Vouchers.  You know that he is NOT a military veteran but he’s just been a nurse for a long time.  You know that he has FOUR SPECIAL INTEREST PAC’S SUPPORTING AND DONATING TO HIS CAMPAIGN and one of them is a DARK MONEY PAC FROM OUTSIDE OF OKLAHOMA IN VIRGINIA – A VERY BLUE STATE.  You’ve heard about the dangers of accepting PAC support because of the obligations that come with the support.  You now know that Gabe’s best friend is Chris Kannady, a Representative in District 91 Oklahoma City and how he is supporting Gabe by connecting him to the CAMP Consulting Firm and the Special Interest Group Advance Oklahoma PAC that is based out of Virginia and is filled with anonymous donors.   

Did you also learn that Gabe hates to be the fourth man in a four man forum and that his wife is six feet tall and is self conscious about her height?  Did you learn that Gabe Renfrow has never talked about any leadership or decision making experience?  

Some people have expressed concern about the lack of leadership experience coupled with the fact that he has received so much financial support from special interest groups could end up with Gabe being controlled like a puppet at the Capitol.  Some people feel like, even though Gabe is a very nice guy, he could actually be quite dangerous as a legislator because he would be so obligated to the friends and special interest groups that got him there that he wouldn’t be able to think for himself or overcome the pressures these groups would put on him.  Yes, he knows the Heimlich Maneuver, but can he stand up to that kind of pressure?  Or will he be like so many other men and women that we have voted for because of their claims of leadership only to find that when they get over to Oklahoma City they just fold under the pressure to “play the game” and vote along a particular party or special interest line even when it goes against what they promised, or even, what just makes sense?  


In Gabes Own Words – What are the top 3 issues you see arising from legalizing medical marijuana and how would you address them?

Gabe Renfrow

So it’s hard to agree with Wayne.  We do need to untie the law enforcement’s hands to allow them to do their job, but we also need to allow the businesses that are legal to do their business.  We also need to make sure that the product that those people are producing is right.  So we need to increase the testing of the product and make sure that it’s going to the patients that there are no heavy metals in that product.


This is why experience is so important when it comes to choosing a leader?  Would you give a Senior Vice President position to a person that has never led before?  Have you ever been to a restaurant where your server is on their first day?  You have become a guinea pig while they gain experience at your expense!  Sending a person to the state capitol to be your representative that has never “represented” or “led” anything is simply putting yourself into the position of being a guinea pig while they figure it out (or don’t).  Especially in today’s world, proven leadership experience is vital when it comes to choosing a person to represent you and lead when they feel the pressure at the capitol.


Vote for Clay Staires on August 23rd, 2022 for House of Representatives District 66.