In Gabe Renfrow’s Own Words – How would you work to keep the state government as small as possible?

And you say by increasing policies over private companies and citizens. Can you explain that more?
So, the policies that run the state should be minimalistic over the businesses that we run. So that the revenues that those businesses make there’s not a lot of oversight over them. That’s about it.

Gabes Vision for the Future

As a team member and registered nurse at Hillcrest Healthcare Systems for 16 years, Gabe Renfrow thinks America is healthy when liberty is strong.  America’s health is very important to Gabe.  His desire aligns with the common republican values of fighting for election integrity, defeating illegal immigration, supporting a parent’s right to choose, and rejecting government mandates.


Gabe hopes to step into his first leadership position of his career by being your representative in Oklahoma City.  When asked about how he compares to his opponent, he responded with, “These gentlemen have backgrounds that I only wish I had.  I’m trying to start growing my resume and this is my big step into the middle of trying to start to do, to build that resume, to be like these men that I’m sitting next to.”

As a district representative in Oklahoma, he sees his greatest role is to:

  1. Put America first to ensure the prosperity of the next generation in our nation.
  2. Preserve our liberties, the unborn, and our 2A rights by supporting laws that have already been passed in Oklahoma that outlawed abortions, that allowed for constitutional carry, established Oklahoma as a 2A Sanctuary State and rejected any “Red-Flag Laws”.
  3. Somehow control government spending to halt rising costs of living brought on by the democrats.
  4. End federal government mandates and protect the integrity of our children’s education.

In Gabes Own Words – What would you do to keep taxes low? 

Gabe Renfrow, you’re up next.  

It’s hard to be the final person that gets a question on this because accountability to the agencies that are spending the funds is key in making sure that the number of bills that are run at the state are proper for us.  It doesn’t make sense to run 3000 pieces of legislation every year, every time and then not know where the money has gone.  But the accountability is key to that.


Parents Rights 

Gabe Renfrow wants to support and agree with legislation that has already been passed to open up the parents’ rights to have a say in their children’s education.  He was very happy to see that parents have been given the power to choose where their children go to school as the Open Transfer laws were enacted this past year, and he hopes that that will stay in place as his kids go through their school years.

As a father of two children, Gabe agrees with the majority of our 149 state legislators that schools should be a safe place for the traditional values that he has adopted since 2016.  Gabe has appreciated watching President Trump, when he was in office, defeating the radical liberals trying to indoctrinate our children and he thinks that he can be a leader like that.  He really appreciates that parents have been given the right to have a say in their children’s education and hopes that can remain in place while he is in office.  He is very happy that our republican legislators have passed laws in Oklahoma to protect our children from national teacher union groups that want to dictate what is taught in our schools.  He is very thankful that here in Oklahoma, there is 

  • No common core curriculum in our classrooms.
  • No critical race theory being taught as a part of the curriculum in our classrooms.
  • No secret gender counseling in our school policies.
  • No biological men competing in women’s sports in Oklahoma.
  • And No restrictions on parent involvement in schools.