In Gabes Own Words – What is your first consideration before voting on a bill? 

Gabe Renfrow, you go first.  

So is it, is it, is it right for the state?  Is it right for the citizens?  Is it right for the district?  That’s pretty much it. 


Unconstitutional Mandates

Gabe Renfrow joins the majority of Oklahoma legislators in disagreeing with Biden’s unconstitutional mandates and federal overreach.  Gabe calls himself a Trump Republican and a proud patriot after switching from being a Democrat in 2016.  He wants to be a part of a larger team of republicans that defeat the radical left and reject any attempts to restrict our freedoms.

Since 2016, when Gabe switched parties from Democrat to Republican, he says he will stand strong for life and liberty.  He will join the majority of legislators in OKC in:

  • Rejecting vaccine mandates
  • Rejecting mask mandates
  • Rejecting restrictions on religious gatherings
  • Rejecting restrictions on visiting loved ones in hospitals and nursing homes
  • Rejecting any attempt to restrict our freedoms
  • Gabe says he is ready to help President Trump defend the U.S. Constitution.

Gabe has approved each of his mailers that give the impression that he is supported or endorsed by former President Trump.  He is not supported or endorsed by former President Trump.


Gabe Renfrow is excited to launch into leadership for the first time and his confident he will be frontline tough on issues important to you and the majority of our current Republican legislators like:

  1. Defeating the radical left
  2. Stop the dismantling of our nation’s founding principles
  3. Defending the U.S. Constitution


In Gabes Own Words – What would you do to controlthe federal government overreach on issues including pandemicmandates, right to bear arms, abortion restrictions, andillegal immigrants sent to our state? – 

Gabe Renfrow, you’re next.

It’s hard not to agree with that.We just need to continue to run legislation to make sure that the 10th amendment is invoked in every situation where there’s federal orders.


Is Gabe Renfrow a Veteran?

There have been many people asking, “Was Gabe Renfrow in the military?  He says that he’s a Veteran nurse.”  

Gabe wants to make sure there is no misunderstanding when he says that he is a Veteran cardiovascular nurse.  Gabe has not ever been in the armed forces.  When he says the word, “Veteran” (with a capital V), he means that he has been doing it for many years.   Gabe is a very nice guy and doesn’t want to mislead any voters and cause them to think he has been in the military or to think he is supported by former President Trump.  He has been neither of those two things.


Gabe agrees with the majority of the Republican Legislature in saying that we need freedom loving Republicans in Oklahoma City who will represent our interests.

After switching parties back in 2016, Gabe says that he is a rock solid Republican, like his opponent Clay Staires, standing up against the liberal attempts to increase government spending which is causing historic inflation.  


In Gabes Own Words – How will you ensure that no illegal votes are counted? 

Gabe Renfrow, same question for you.

Same answer. Yeah.  Being the fourth guy up here sucks.  I agree with auditing the voter rolls.  Like I said, we’ve all probably been to the house that’s not there. Everybody up here.  It’s literally an app.  We look at it, all of a sudden you pull up the house.  There are five names of the house.  There’s nobody who lives in the house.  House has probably been gone for four years.  So auditing each county, so Tulsa County and outstanding counties in the district is key to make sure that those roles are playing.


Hard Work

Gabe Renfrow learned early in life the value of hard work when he cleaned churches before school to afford food and clothes.  He worked his way through college as well.  But Gabe knows it takes more than just being a hard worker to be your Representative in OKC, so he wants to try out his hand at Leadership and Management and Big Decision Making at the Capitol where he knows that he will be able to learn those skills he’s never had to use before.  He feels strongly that given the chance, he will be a good leader and decision maker.  He’s watched Donald Trump do it and he is confident he can do the same.

Gabe is confident that he can use his position as a District 66 Representative to influence Federal issues like – bringing integrity back to our national elections, ending illegal immigration and eliminating federal mandates and out of control spending by the liberal, Biden administration so he can stop inflation.  Gabe is excited to bring about all the changes through his leadership and decision making skills and asks you to help him make his dream a reality by voting for him on August 23rd.

He is sure that his 16 years of being a cardiovascular nurse at Hillcrest Healthcare Systems has prepared him to be a decision maker when it comes to state budgets, deciphering confusing and deceiving language in lengthy bills, recognizing political snakes that are out for selfish gain, navigate massive negotiations between groups of people with radically different worldviews and build alliances with other veteran legislators to lead them into building an Oklahoma that we can all be proud of.