Are you receiving any money from Special Interest PAC’s outside of Oklahoma?

Pro Life

Gabe Renfrow has apoligized for a mailer that went out claiming that he was the ONLY candidate in the race that is willing to stand up for pro-life values.  Unfortunately, this mailer was one of 8 mailders paid for and sent from Advance Oklahoma PAC, a special interest PAC that paid for 8 of Gabe’s 17 mailers.  As an “Outside, Dark Money PAC”, Gabe is prohibited from communicating with this group until after the elections, therefore he was not able to see the mailer beforehand or correct the issue once it came up.   In other words, the Advance Oklahoma PAC does not look for Gabe’s approval of what they say about him.


With that being said, like his Republican opponent, Clay Staires, also running for HD66, Gabe Renfrow is 100% Pro-Life and will fight hard to uphold the bill signed into law by Governor Stitt to outlaw abortions in Oklahoma.  Gabe identifies with Donald Trump’s style of leadership and would like to lead in the same way here in District 66.  Quoting himself, he says, “As a father of two, I know the miracle of life is the greatest we have.  Life from a mother’s womb is precious.  Personally, I also view the new life we experience in Jesus Christ when we are born again as precious.  This is who I am, and I am unafraid to say it.  I will fight the woke mob that seeks to redefine our faith, values and our country.”


Like Clay Staires, Gabe Renfrow identifies himself as a Chrisitan, a Conservative, a husband and father and as a believer in America First.  Also, like Clay Staires, Gabe is committed to God, family and country.


In Gabes Own Words – Are you receiving any money from PAC’s (Special Interest Political Action Committees) – 

Wayne Hill is the first to answer this question.  His answer is – 

I’m not taking any money for any pact, period.  Let me say this,  whenever a pack gives you money, you are obligated to them.  The one who brings you to the dance, you are obligated to dance with them. So they’re going to have a lot of influence over you.  So I would just say that money can be very influential in politics and it can be very dangerous.  So I chose not to take any money from Political Action Committees (PAC’s).


Gabe Renfrow then answers – 

All right, so I’ve received money from four packs. Three of those are from legislators that are currently in the House.  The majority of my money comes from outside of the district just because I’ve got the majority of my friends and family that don’t live in the district.  So top three donors.  I have a buddy, his name is Sean Mark, and he has given me a full check.  My best friend is Chris Kannady.  You guys know him as Sticks.  And then I got money from Marathon PAC.  


America First

Gabe Renfrow calls himself a Trump Republican and says he is committed to putting America First as an Oklahoma District Representative.  Quoting himself, he says, “As your representative, “I will fight every day for the people of Osage and West Tulsa County.  I will stand strong for freedom, protect life, defend the Second Amendment, and support parental involvement in education.”

Like Clay Staires, who is also running for HD66, Gabe feels like Joe Biden and the Democrats are failing Oklahomans.

Like Clay Staires, who is also running for HD66, Gabe is a member of the NRA with a Perfect “AQ” rating.  Also, like Clay Staires, who is also running for HD66, Gabe agrees with what the Oklahoma Legislature has already done in:

  1. Banning Critical Race Theory from our school curriculum.
  2. Putting parents in charge of their children’s education.
  3. Cutting taxes for families.
  4. Protecting life.
  5. Supporting law and order.
  6. Upholding the Second Amendment.
  7. Defending female sports
  8. And pushing back against vaccine mandates from the federal government.



Gabe agrees with Clay Staires, who is also running for HD66 when he says Joe Biden’s devastating inflation is killing working families.  Gabe joins other republicans in his interest in cutting the grocery sales tax to lessen the hole that Joe Biden put in your pocket.  Governor Stitt and the House in OKC are putting forth a bill that will cut the state’s grocery sales tax as well as reducing personal income taxes.  Gabe, like Clay Staires, is a proponent of this bill and will be ready to take necessary action on Day 1 to get it done. Quoting himself, Gabe says, “The Joe Biden administration is out of control.  With inflation and gas prices at an all-time high, I will fight to send tax dollars back to families and we start in Oklahoma by eliminating the grocery sales tax.”

Gabe joins the majority of other Republicans in the need to be a champion for Oklahoma families during these difficult times.